Rose Fragrance For Paints

Rose Fragrance For Paints

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As part of our ultimate range of fragrances, we would love to introduce to you our Fragrance " Musky Rose", modeled specially for use in paints.

It not only removes the bad smell coming from paints, but adds a dash of “Flowery” of the fragrance in the paint which is very calming and relaxing.

It is not only great value adder but also is the ultimate solution for value for money fragrances. Due to a minute dilution percentage range of 0.05% - 0.1%, this product is very economical.

This is a product that adds a new and distinct value to your product, helping in creating a brand image that stands apart from others. And this in turn, as you would have correctly guessed, goes a long way in generating sales and providing an amazing product to your customer.

This product benefits you in two ways:

1)      The customer who uses it will love to live in the place painted with your product because of the soothing and nourishing nature of the fragrance and would want to use your product again.

2)      A painter’s job is a very monotonous. It is the same Colour, same paintbrush and same walls for them. This adds a shade of glam and newness to the painter’s job as well and their word of mouth publicity and endorsement of your product will go a long way in getting the sales up.